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I had sex on august 13, 2018, the guy pulled out, I was due for my period august 25th. I traveled and on the 26th, i woke up with blood i...
I am 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant and have been feeling fluttering for the last week or so, it is deffinately NOT gas as this is my 3rd ba...
I Had Unprotected Sex With My Current Partner. But when we broke up I had sex with someone else within the same month . I'm very scared b...
Somebody plz help...i have been having unprotected sex an my boobs have been so sore an my nipples been feelin funny for 4wks strait an s...
Has anyone had any mild cramping if they have spotted/bleed? I'm SO worried right now, I know every person and pregnancy is different, bu...
Im currently 29 weeks and 4 days pregnant according to ultrasound. I had sex with two guys 9 days apart. Guy one, my on and off boyfriend...
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