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Firstly Prior to my car accident in September I was a healthy 33 y/o mom of one. Mmm where do I start...so many things...numbness toes/fe...
I have had a MRI done and it states the following: A few small rounded FOCI of FLAIR Hypertensive are noted in the subcortical white m...
I had an xray of my pelvis recently because I'm having a dull aching hip pain for a year or two, but it has gotten worse. Also my hips po...
hi all. I am asking a question on behalf of my 76-year-old mother. In an office visit recently her endocrinologist told her he would like...
Pancreas: No significant abnormalities identified. The pancreatic head and uncinate process are fairly homogeneous in overall signal. The...
"There is a single tiny nonspecific focus of increased flair signal adjacent to the atrium of the right lateral ventricle in the temporal...
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