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Hi All! So I'm scared out of my mind with health anxiety but have had some real issues to deal with. That's why I'm here. Here goes...
On my X-Ray report it said " Greater tuberosity fragmentation does not appear to be healing " Does anyone know what this means and if it ...
Just left the ER and they ordered an CT due to weird visual changes I have been having. Would this have shown a tumor?
Hello I have asthma and bronchitis. My chest and breathing has gotten worse amd what's odd is that my right shoulder and neck has been hu...
I had a normal pelvic MRI in November after having mild endometriosis removed over the summer, but continue to have issues. I have a ...
My ultrasound says a small anechoic collection likely are pending gestational sac with a diameter of 7mm. This means one sac right? Wh...
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