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Neck ultrasound results? Possible mass? How serious is this? 32yo f, 160lbs, trouble swallowing. I had an ultrasound today on my ...
Exam is from one year ago when I was injured. "Satisfactory lumbar alignment and lordosis. Diffuse osteopenia occurs wihtout compression...
Not looking for diagnosis or treatment just opinions on any abnormalities and anomalies noted.
Can someone explain these findings? This was found on an MRI and reads as follows: INDICATION: 52 years old Female with abnormal CT re...
Hi All, I was in a motorcycle accident 2 weeks ago. They did XRays and CT at ER. Then at same dr's office a week later, XRays. Doc's trea...
Hello, I am a 49F, former smoker, bit overweight, elevated cholesterol. Had an MRI with and w/o contrast due to worsening tinnitus and...
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