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My wife started masterbating while I'm a sleep about 6 months ago either using a vibrator or her hand It can last all night nearly every...
I've been with my fiance for 7 years. I dont care if he watches porn or that he has a ton stashed "secretly" on his phone. What has upset...
Why would doctor perform a pregnancy test on my wife if I had vasectomy 10 years ago? I'm obviously asking because I assume she cheated ...
He is my chiropractor, and from the first time I went there, I have developed a really strong physical attraction to him. I think it's be...
I am a 14 year old boy and every time I get into a disagreement with one of my parents I get very emotional. Even if they aren't mad at m...
Wonder if anyone can help and shed a little light on the topic. I'm 18 and have recently found out my younger sister who is only 15 years...
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