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I am a 16 year old boy and my cousin; she's 20. This started last year where we used to hangout in their balcony alot. We live in differe...
So . . . what is the one thing you NEED? what is the one thing you WANT? what is something you have to give aw...
I have been in a team lead position for 8 months now. I truly enjoy my job, and love my team. Over the last few months I feel like I am s...
Hi, this is my first post ever here. My name is Rudi and my girlfriend’s name is Veronica (both are phony names… but wtv). Anyway I come ...
So my current boyfriend and I met online. We talked for a week or so and went on a date. It was amazing to say the least. A few weeks lat...
I would like to be in a loving relationship with a man but when I told a couple men I met that I have PTSD, and Bipolar I never heard fro...
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