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Hi. For the past 4 years there is this guy I work with and I cannot work out his behaviour. Just for the record, I have never really had ...
My husband and I have been together for 7 years, married for 4. The last 2 years we are nothing but roommates. Finances are separate (the...
I've never really HAD a relationship, even at 39. :( i've had severe abuse growing up, into adulthood. My self esteem has been near zero ...
You would not believe the Jerry Springer show that my life has become... My husband of 4 years and I recently separated due to him getti...
Hello all, I'll try to be as quick as possible. I'm 32 and I met this woman that's 25 (about a month ago), a teacher, incredibly beau...
Hi everyone, i wouldn't think posting here but i needed to talk to someone or at least get some advice from.. i am in a long relationship...
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