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My wife has a massage once a week, so he had sex with her three times so far and told me she doesn't remember. Anything.
Have been seeing a much younger woman (20s, I am in my 40s) for over 3.5 years. Have recently been having feelings that she isn't ready t...
My sister in law has a baby shower. My boyfriend and I have a baby boy together and so he said that the invitation extends to the both of...
We have an 8 months old baby and I have been having friends come to visit and see the baby. My work colleagues came and later 2 friends a...
Pain pills, illegal substance and porn. He doesn't work bec of an injury only I do. We have no connection anymore. I found his stash toni...
Had anyone of u ever deal with a possessive parent in law? How did u managed or to how much extent had this affect your relationship with...
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