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I am a newly wedded female 29 year my husband 33...we stayed together for 3 months...he tried to be intimate only 5 times out of which 2 ...
Im a 20 year old girl. i have had sex with my boyfriend alot of times and we make out on a regular basis. however he fingers me alot almo...
I'll take a testosterone test. But what should I take to boost my libido
My spouse has lost all desire to have sex. It's like she is asexual now. I don't know if she had cheated a few years ago, but her loss of...
Hi, i am a 28 years old female married for 2 years and 3 months.For the first two years , my husband did not penetrate me because we did ...
Hi. I'm 29 and I very recently started being physically affectionate with someone for more or less the first time in my life. Since we fi...
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