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Im 16 and have a penis s ize of exactly 6.4 inches, and its really frustrating because when im in class and i get a boner its just really...
I've posted a million times about this..but I finally think I know what is wrong now...so now I just need to figure out how to fix it... ...
Sorry for my English! In my case I’ve been taking a VERY small dose of Alprazolam (Xanax in the US) for like 6-7 years. 2 months ago ...
I've masturbated 8-9 times this past two weeks after around one and a half month from it. I honestly hate it and the effects of it. It ha...
I’m a 35 yo straight female and a virgin. I come from a religious background and didn’t believe in sex before marriage for the longest ti...
Hi I have masturbated for about since i was 15 and now I am 18 for 3-4 weeks now i decided to stop masturbating for perosnal reasons a...
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