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This patient support community is for discussions relating to the challenges of raising children as a single parent.
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What are the options for a man who has no partner and is single who wants a daughter of his own?
right now my children are with their dad, and when there with their dad they spend 95% of the time at their grandma's. including one 30 ...
My daughter is only a week old, and I'm not with the father. But he has been staying with me, just up until I go back to work. He is driv...
I was wondering if anyone feels lonely being a single parent. I am so lonely right now its not funny. I was seeing this guy (first rela...
I know that I was told that child support and visitation are "mutually exclusive" in my state, meaning I can't keep the kids from my ex j...
So I told the suspected father I was pregnant and he wanted me to get an abortion. We left on terms (btw he just moved to another state) ...
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