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My daughter, Anna has spent the last 11 years of her life struggling with every medical condition under the sun from cancer to septic blood infections. For the past year and a half her atrial fibrillation has caused her to be confined to the home nearly every day. She cannot drive, work a normal job, or go out and do anything that a healthy 28 year old woman should be able to do. Her insurance has decided not to cover the Radio Frequency Ablation procedure that she desperately needs to stop the persistent tachycardia and abnormal rhythms. They have deemed it unnecessary as there are drug therapies such as beta blockers and cardiac glycosides that may also control the problem. She has tried all of these drug therapies and they have either done nothing or made her sicker; even causing secondary problems for which she will also eventually need surgery to correct as well. Please help me in raising the funds to help her get back on her feet. With this simple day patient procedure it could give her a new life. With the current condition she has there is a huge risk or heart failure, stroke, and embolism. We would greatly appreciate your help in getting these weighty issues off our minds so that we may move on with our lives. Thank you for your kindness and understanding in advance. http://anna-heartsurgery.yolasite.com Thank you and God bless you, Paul and family
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I had heart surgery 11 weeks ago, and starting yesterday, I have had sharp shooting pains in my left breast that come and go. Is this no...
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