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I have been told and I have tested this theory that if you have a headache, a good orgasm can get rid of it. Its true! (depending on how ...
In this group, you can ask questions about anything in your teenage life, from Sex to Relationships and so on... All teens are welcome t...
Hi. I am 16 years old and i have a huge problem that it really upsets me. Its about studying actually. I am a very organised neat person ...
I have been unable to answer your questions lately because at the moment, my life *****! I am just going to sum it all up to you all...I ...
ok when i was in 6th grade i got a girl friend pretty as can be well about a mounth later she dumped me, i went in to a depression then a...
my boyfriend JUST gave me oral sex, and was 'i think' paying more attention to my clitorius, and i went to the bathroom afterwards and it...
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