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I'm a 62yo male. In the last year or so I've noticed that the top third of my penis is noticeably thicker than the bottom third when full...
I am trying to understand if there is a difference between the activity of the pelvic floor muscle and the activity of the external urina...
im a 24 year old male. last 2009, my partner and i were foreplaying. i've tried to insert my penis, but it was a struggle for me since h...
Hello all, I’m 20 days post op from a urethraplasty , where they took a chunk out of my cheek to repair. It was a very big stricture 11c...
Can someone please help me with understanding my results TUMIC White Blood Cells 722 x 10^6/L Red Blood Cells 16 × 10^6/L Casts 1 x 1...
Hello i am a 35 year old male who started to experience blood and blood clots the first urine right after sex and it only happens after i...
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