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I get my sp catheter changed every 6 weeks. ONLY when it is changed in the cystoscopy room i get no utis and clear urine for six weeks. ...
I was passing a kidney stone. It made it through the urethra, but must have twisted before exiting. It is now stuck just inside the tip...
I have experienced some discomfort and an urgency to urinate; especially after sitting. Sometimes I feel a feeling of urine in my urethr...
Gay, 48 yo male. I am having second time in the last year unspecified UTI, which presents itself as morning yellowy-greenish discharge, a...
The injury occurred 6 months ago. More on that below. I have been to two urologists since then. Both of them waved me off and said I shou...
My 3 year old is having painful erection.it lasts for just few minutes but he use to say mama it hurts.not that painful that he cries sti...
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