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hi! please help me, i have my period now and everitime i have my period i feel pain "dysmenorrhea" but normally it'll last only 2-3 days...
Hi ladies I have a question can I take diet pills after giving birth I have 2 months that I gave birth...I'm not breastfiding
I had to have an emergency c section yesterday and today I'm losing my eye sight and everything. Its been horrible. No one can tell me wh...
Hi ladies, I just had my baby girl on April 6th by emergency cesarean.. She was a month early... I've noticed that my cesarean incision i...
After my d n c, I experienced a light period for about 10days in the first month. In my second month, I experienced a heavy period for 6 ...
I had my baby 2 weeks ago tonight and I feel like I'm grieving my pregnancy. Is this normal? I adore my daughter being here I should say...
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