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Alright I'm going to try and make this as informative as possible and give you the best possible timeline I can. this is very humbling but I'm going to be honest. About 5 months ago I started sleeping with this women. About twice a week. About a week and a half ago I started to experience burning when I peed and figured it would go away, I happened to masterbate a lot that week for some reason and I got a little sore when there was a ton of friction and this isn't unusual I have had it before from over friction from ether sex or masturbation and it heals in a couple days. So I put some antibiotic cream on it that was left over in the house that was used for a burn someone had in my family. Well a couple days after that I started to develop some bumps that itch on the shaft of my penis and my penis is very sensitive and still burning when I pee. Iv done a lot of research and they do not look like warts and they are not really blisters either. My sore is still healing but seems to be healing slowly and remember I am positive this sore is from over friction now a herpe sore. But these itchy raised parts of skin on my shaft I guess would like they are more of a rash of some sort at this stage. I'm extremely worried they could be herpes or genital warts but of all the pics iv seen on the Internet it leads me to believe maybe it's a fungus infection that maybe started from my open cut or a reaction to the cream I put on the cut. I don't know but I'm freaking out and absolutely humiliated to go into a doctor and have them look at my penis. Could it be herpes? Could it be something else? (Pleas god let it be something else) could it be gonorrea? Clamydia? Someone help. If you have any more questions ill respond
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