My lil Angel Journals
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My lil Angel Rhys Jack x x x

Jul 05, 2011 - 4 comments

My lil angel is now 10 month old, and I miss him with all my heart, there isn't aday wen me and his daddy dont think about him we are all ways talking about our lil boy. it was very heart breaking hearing them words you dread from a consultant wen they are scanning your lovely bump.... ( Im very sorry emma but there is no heart beat )  I Just broke down and cryed but I had a feeling that my lil angel had passed away thats why I got my partner to take me to the hospital on friday 23rd October 2009. has I never felt my lil boy move for 2days , but he was always like that quiet for 2days then made up for it on the 3rd day :-)  and oh boy did he make up for it he never stop moving hahaha....but for a strange feeling I knew something was wrong and has soon has the midwife put the doppler on me and couldn't find the heart beat stright away then I knew for sure that my lil boy became my lil angel. has the hospital wouldn't open the big scan room has they said it's all locked up now for the weekend , so they told me to go home and come back on monday the 26th October 9.00am to confirm that my lil boy had passed away. they then gave me a tablet to take by mouth to start the labour off and they then sent me back home after 30min from taking the tablet. and told me to come back on wednesday 28th October 9.30am were then I will have my lil boy. they put me in my own private room on the labour ward and they inserted 2 more tablets but this time they put it inside me, to bring the labour on ... then @ 16:13pm my lil angel came and the midwife cleaned him and wrapped him up in a blanket for me to hold him he was so warm and beautiful , I couldn't believe that my lil boy had fell asleep. I was keep wishing and hopeing that he would open his eye's and also kept wishing that he would cry  :-(  @ 29+5 days my lil boy passed away and @ 30+5 days my lil boy came out has a angel. weighing 2lb 12 1/2oz
we laid our lil boy to rest on 21/11/2009 . has we had a PM done

mummy & daddy miss you & love you so much sweet heart  x x Rhys Jack x x