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I like the idea of socializing in an area related to pain issues and forgetting about the pain. I know pain is an annoying way of life but I like the idea of replacing some of these pain issues with positive thoughts and finding something to take your mind off your pain issues. I know for me, on a good day, I listen to the music I like. I also take my electric wheelchair down to the beach, crank up my favorite music and just jam to the music. People watch me just jamming to the music and think I am nuts but it really helps put a smile on my face and gets my mind off my pain. Try it, it is worth the time it takes to complain about the pain.
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Well I finally have something positive to add after many treatments and surgeries to my back and hip muscles. I have had years of treatment and injections along with the drugs and so tired of the lack of education the medical community has placed in the hands of the pain management doctors who treat with drugs.
My latest three treatments have been a nerve block to the sciatic nerve muscle area, trigger point injections along with a Botox injection to the piriformis muscle that has been giving me severe problems over these years. The Botox injection seems to have worked!
For the first time in YEARS, I now am able to walk again, relatively pain free and started my Pilates workout program once again. Many, many years ago when I was a professional dancer I used this program to maintain my muscles. This program did wonders for me. For the first time in what seems to be a decade, I can return to this program after treatment to the piriformis muscle which is NOW keeping my pain levels under control.
The medical community of pain management is NOW being educated to recognize areas of muscles that have been treated by drugs and worthless injections. Now the medical community is waking up to treatments and education to these areas that have been highly debated for 'stupid' reasons. I spoke with one doctor who stated, 'if they can't see it, they can't treat it'!
Well, I have researched doctors in my area who NOW have been educated on treatment of the piriformis muscle and because of the my latest treatment, I can return to being relatively pain free without the use of drugs and more physical therapy that I could not do for years. The Pilates program that I have returned to is helping very much with light stretching of these area after the Botox injection took good affect for me.
About time and wake up pain management to educating your people on the latest technology! Put the drug book away and start reading what is currently being done to educate the pain management area of ignorance!
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well I think you sound great , you have a handle on how to help yourself.....come and join us in our relaxing' games ...
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