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Acne from Adderall

I was diagnosed about a year ago with adult ADD after much talk and consideration I agreed to go on Adderall. I have been so pleased with the changes. It is so nice to be busy and actually accomplish something whereas before I was taking the medication, I was very busy but usually made a bigger mess and never accomplished anything. I am taking 15 mg twice daily. I am getting horrible acne on my face and kind of the same thing but on my scalp around the top of my head. I am wondering if anyone knows if this is a side effect of that medication?
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You can easily check out the side effects of adderall.  But, I have been doing this site for about 10 years and that has never come up as a side effect.  However, it is something that is definitely worth checking out.  Quality of life is important!  Perhaps start with a dermatologist?
   How long were you using the adderall before the acne started?  During this time period, have you had any other changes in diet, lifestyle, stress?
   Of course, you can always stop the adderall for awhile and see what happens.  But, whatever happens, I hope you find a solution and I would be very interested to know what that is ....as others might have the same question.  Sorry I can't be more helpful, except to say that I would be very surprised if it was the adderall.  Best wishes.
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