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Addicts in recovery and vyvanse

My question is this:  Has anyone taken adhd medication such as vyvanse and is in recovery from adrugs and alcohol?
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YES! I'm a 22 year old male taking 50 mg vyvanse daily. I'm in recovery for alcohol and cocaine abuse. Been sober now for 10 months, and yes it has been difficult not to abuse vyvanse. Addicts think different than most people. We find something we like and all we can think is more more more. What I do is get a friend to hold my vyvanse and give it me as needed. I don't recommend holding on to them yourself!!! Bad idea!! And if you can't find a way to get someone else to hold onto them, then maybe the best thing is to find another way to treat the adhd because all stimulant adha meds are highly addictive. It's a bad mix, and I'm thinking about getting off of vyvanse myself.
hope i was of some help,
I was perscribed my starting dose just monday.. (it's Wednesday now) and started at 20mg Sunday I move to 40.

I only got 6 20mg tablets. And first day I felt sooo high like I was on cocaine for about 3-4 hours.  The 2nd day,(yesterday) I ended up taking a 2nd 29mg 2 hours after my first one.

And I took my 29mg morning dose 2.5 hours ago and I already am trying to justify taking another (to myself)

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Very late response. But yes. I have been going to a doctor since Feb when I went to detox from oxycodone. She has me on Suboxone. And just this week I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and was prescribed vyvanse.
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