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Feeling anxiety with blank mind

Hi there.....
   I am 28 year old. Since I was 13 it has been difficult for me to feel easy or enjoy when in a group. When picked up in group my response is reactive mostly. I feel confidenceless and speechless.
   Normally I do not talk much and may be because of that I have less friends.
   At some point of the day and mostly around midday my head feels filled and I start perspiration. If in this state of mind I find some challenging situation I feel fear.
   Is this a normal thing or should I go for medication?
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how was your personality before you was 13...did something happen to change your behavior? and no i think you dont need medication...what happened before you was 13 figure that out...before you go for meds.
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Well one thing is definitely there that from that time i started taking things seriously..i started working hard at studies...stopped playing..i started getting very furious sort of at times...
i did well when i started something new like joining a new class for music or new level in school but as soon as i got older my performance got down...
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