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been on methadone 16 years

Myself and my husband have both been clean off of drugs for 5 years, We are trying to have a baby, I havent been preg in 15 years, and to think about it thats when i started methadone, my RE knows im on methadone and said theres no known side effects on a baby from being on methadone, she has gave us the go ahead with TTc, (trying 2 conceive) , but i was wondering if the methadone has anything to do with me not getting preg,
Plus my hubby is on methadone and use to be on testosterone injections, but we found out it was killing his sperm so he had to stop the injections so now my hubby has been off the testosterone for a year and a half and his sperm count is back up to an amazing 83 percent but he has NO ENERGY OR NO SEX DRIVE and thats hard when your trying to have a baby.Our RE said as soon as im preg he can go back on the testosterone, but what happens til then, we only have sex when we need to like when im ovulating, but its ruining our marriage ,, never just having sex cause he feels like it cause he never feels like it, it just *****, we are doing an IUI this cycle like next week, i just hope and pray that i get preg so my Dh can feel normal again , and our marriage will go back to a normal sex life, does anyone have any advice, we have already tried to get off the methadone, and i almost relapsed, plzz any advice would greatly help
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Hi there
I used to be addicted to drugs but for the past 5 years ive been on the methadone we have been ttc for 6 years to no avail.
I tryed a few months back to get off methadone it was my first attempt i didn't manage it.
This is my second try 7 days clean and i want it to be my last.
I believe that methadone does make it harder especially since ive been for tests and im still having eggs.
We are just about ready to test his sperm.
I had a point to where i was always thinking of it wanting it so much and doing it at the correct times but he actually told me it puts to much pressure on him.
So im relaxing getting off them liquid handcuffs and hopefully we will be able to have one.
He has no children he has never taken drugs
I have 1 child she was conceived whilst taking the heroin that was 8 1/2 years ago.
My x partner was on methadone and heroin i didn't sleep with him at all for years and years he didn't have a sex drive at all.
I believe myself its harder with methadone but im not thinking about being pregnant right now i just want to be clean and healthy first
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well i cant just get off methadone my husband can but they said il prob be in it for life, if i want to stay clean, Ive tried to get off it twice and both times relapsed my sobriety is more important then me getting off methadone i only go to the clinic every 2 months , I am very healthy , i do yoga , acupuncture and i just did IVF and i got 3 frozen embies that are all 4AA the best embryo u can get, so im doing a FET on Dec 26th, MY hubbys sperm is now 83 percent, but we still used ICSI, thanks for the info
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Just wanted to tell you i got pregnant and am 13 weeks preg today, i feel so happy and blessed, I wanted to tell you cause we have not talked in a while.
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