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Acne problems changed after accutane treatment. Advice needed

I have had persistent but fairly mild acne since I was 18 (almost 11 years now). Last year I gave in and went onto accutane for 8 months which transformed my skin from oily with constant but mild cystic acne (usually on my chin) to zero spots and just a slight oiliness. However, since lockdown I’ve noticed my skin has changed again on my chin. The pores on my chin and sometimes a few around my nose are constantly clogged and bumpy. If I put a little bit of pressure on the bumps a clear/white substance always comes out and then the same pore will be full of it again a day or 2 later. Of course I try not to squeeze them but they look so horrible and it’s very hard not to if I look at them too closely. If I mess with them some will then turn into white heads and, more regularly now, bad spots.
My skincare routine currently is to wash my face in the morning and before bed with a gentle product. I then spray my face with a pore flush product, then apply a gentle moisturiser after. I don’t use a primer before makeup as I use powder foundation and it never seems to sit right over it. I also exfoliate a couple of times a week and use a face mask once or twice a week too (usually a clay or charcoal one). Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m so sick of these problems after going through the accutane treatment! Thanks
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