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I had suffered from Acne since I was 20 years old. I turned 30 and I  saw a specialist and he had put me on accutane for 12 months. Which works wonder, my face cleared 2009-2013 never get any acne or blackheads.. In 2014 I started getting acne again but only stayed for a week and only get one probably every 3-6 times a year..Feb. 2016 i started getting comedigenic acne but wasn't to bad at all, which I think I got reaction from the CC cream I have used.. I wasn't worried about it.. Until I came back to see the same specialist this time because I have develop Melasma. Then he put me on differin cream+hydroquione+locoid cream then I started getting breakout non stop until now.. The Melasma whiten a little bit but the acne gone really worst.. I am freaking out, I am feeling so down. I am too embarrass to go out to see friends and even to go shopping.. I am turning 40 this year. I'm helpless.
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If I were you I would get tested for Celiac disease.  At 40 your skin shouldn't be that bad, and dermatologists only treat skin - they don't look for the cause.  The cause is what's important, even though what we care about is our skin.  Fixing the problem will fix your skin.  

My sister used to roll her eyes when I told her I couldn't have gluten because I have Celiac disease.  Then all of a sudden she was also off gluten and for the first time in her life, all her acne cleared up.  
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