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I shave the area on my lower stomach, starting at where the waist of my pants are and downward. Four or so weeks ago I developed what I thought was razor burn in that area, red itchy bumps. I continued to shave there, not really thinking much about it. After a week it had still not gone away, and I noticed I was scratching it almost constantly. The area was red and inflamed, the bumps were puffy. I stopped shaving in that area and did my best not to scratch, it seemed to get better, "drying" up and scabbing over. I woke up in the middle of the night scratching, and the next day it was worse than ever. Now four weeks later, it is still going through periods of "healing" and then inflamation. I cannot get rid of it. It is very itchy, painful, and annoying, not to mention unsightly. After scratching it oozes clear liquid and remains puffy for about a day, then again dries up. There are also smaller bumps in the surrounding area, and these too become inflamed if I scratch. I should also mention this area is exacty where my pants button and my belt rubs.

I've tried cleaning it with alcohol, putting neosporin on it, and covering it with a bandaid. This keeps me from scratching but then I break out in the area where the bandaids adhesive is. Today I decided to put anti fungal cream on it and cover it with a bandaid, to see if maybe the friction combined with the scratching has turned the razor burn into a fungal infection.

I'm at my wit's end. This is obviously not going away on it's own. Any ideas on what this could be? Anyone suffer anything similiar? I've never had anything like this in my life. Razor burn yes, but this is some sort of infection. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.
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Is it possible that you are allergic to metal on your belt buckle? I've had friends be allergic to their belt buckles and have this sort of chaos happen. Also, I wouldn't clean with alcohol. Salt water is much better for healing skin. I wouldn't suggest using an anti-fungal cream either...if you do not for sure have a fungal infection, you shouldn't use it. Try not wearing your belt. Even if you have worn your belt for a long time, you can develop sensitivities to metals depending on what you've been eating, the weather, etc. (every now and then, I'll have a necklace or ring that gives me eczema; doctor said this can happen, and might be a result of changes in blood chemistry--because this doesn't happen all the time-- and the metal on the outside of my body). Just an idea...But hey, it might just be infected razor burn.

I'd suggest not shaving there until it's healed, just like you've said you've been doing. Make sure you change your blade regularly if you are shaving... It can get dull and contribute to razor burn, and of course harbor bacteria. I wouldn't put neosporin on it either... Just let it breathe. I don't know, the way you've described how itchy it is sounds like hives... I'm still wondering if it's a metal allergy.

Also, after all this is said and healed, if you still want to make your hair less noticeable try bleaching with eyebrow bleach *can get it from drugs stores*. Works great!
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Thanks for the comment :) I went to the doctor two days ago, because I woke up and it had spread, and was a very dark red, puffy and inflamed and itching like crazy. The doctor said that it was folliculitis, probably due to me scratching the razor burn and getting it infected, not to mention my clothes constantly rubbing the area. However, she also felt like the metal on my belt might have contributed to this, saying exactly what you did about becoming sensitive to certain metals that may not have bothered me in the past. She prescribed a steriod ointment and keflex and after one day of putting the ointment on the itch is gone and its drying up, the redness is fading and I have some relief! I'm going to finish my course of antibiotics anyway, just to be on the safe side, and she did tell me to stop wearing my belt to see if that helps.

I thought I'd post what I'd found out in case anyone else encounters this problem. All of the advice you gave was spot on, change your razor often as it harbors bacteria, use a shaving gel, and if you get razor burn DON'T SCRATCH and try not to shave the area until it's healed. Also, if it doesn't go away in a week, go to the doctor! I've been in agony for weeks and after one day of medication I'm better. I could have stopped this a long time ago lol.
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Oh and I should add, you were right about putting medications on it without knowing what it was first. The anti fungal cream only inflamed it worse which is why I ended up at the doctor. I should never have smothered it in something meant for athletes foot and then covered it with a bandaid. The doctor said this was NOT a good thing to do lol.
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Well Klarrisa, that is because I am your doctor.

Kidding. I'm glad things have worked out =)
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