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Salacytic Acid for Large Pores?

I have enlarged pores on my nose which are a point of great self-consciousness for me. A few years ago, I began applying salacytic acid onto my nose before bed (usually the Neutrogena T-Gel, which I believe is 3% sca.) My logic was that this would give the active ingredient time enough to get down deep into the pores, and clean them out, while simultaneously exfoliating.

This dried the skin of the nose considerabily, which would conceal the pores very well for a day or two -- sometimes a thin layer of dried skin would form which covered the pores and made my nose look normal (until it began to peel.)

An overnight application of 10% benzoyl peroxide had a similar effect -- seeming to keep the pores from developing black heads, while simultaneously drying the area for a time, which would conceal the pores.

Now, years later, I am beginning to wonder if this strategy was, in fact, damaging the area -- or even making the pores larger than before! I now have large indentations on my nose which are nearly impossible to hide. And I've developed a lot of wrinkles well before what is expected for my age (perhaps from the drying of the surrounding skin, especially around the eyes.)

Would salacytic acid reduce collagen levels in the skin, thereby increasing the size of pores?

What other risks/benefits should be considered when inducing skin peeling chemically in this way so frequently?
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Hey there. This is a pretty good question, and I think a lot of people have a hard time with this.

Keep in mind that Salicylic Acid, while a great acne treatment, its sole purpose is to clean away the top layer of the skin (bacteria and what not). Benzoyl peroxide is another good tool to use against acne, but it does more drying up of the skin (and what ever is underneath it) than anything and can be harmful if used in excess. Try using something called "Glycolic Acid". You can find this at almost any local store that sells acne treatments. Look for something that has 8% - 10% active "Glycolic Acid" ingredient. The benefits using this are that not only does Glycolic Acid go down into the pores and cleans them out (no more black heads) it rejuvenates the skin and gives it a tighter healthier look.

If your interested in seeing how you can use Glycolic Acid (and the other 2 acne treatments together) check out back acne treatment. They have a free guide that is for any form of acne and works pretty well for what your looking for. Goodluck and have a great day!

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seeing as the link I tried to put in there didn't work :/ Here it is


Hope it helps!

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