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Severe Acne, tried everything without hope, consumed by depression because of it.

I literally cannot clearly remember a time in my life when I didn't have severe acne. Recently I was diagnosed with PCOS and high androgen levels, and I hoped that the birthcontrol, by regulating the androgen levels in my body, might help with my problem, but it has been at least six months, and there has been no let-up. I have tried everything topical that you can name, have spent hundreds of dollars. I've tried the most recommended products containing either benzol peroxide or salicylic acid, and every other suggestion I could get, and nothing even helps in the tiniest bit. All I have to show for years of trying is scars and a face that I am ashamed to show to the public. It isn't the normal type of acne, it's a mixture of very deep, cystic acne as well as blackheads and white heads, but it is the cystic acne that is my worst fear and problem.

This has caused me severe depression, and I break down multiple times of the day. I'm afraid of even looking in the mirror, and terrified of leaving my room, much less my house. I feel like I'm at the breaking point - I can't endure this any longer... I'm falling apart.

Please help,

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Dear Rynthae, you sound miserable and so down. It makes me so angry that acne is not considered more seriously by the medical community. It is simply not just a "cosmetic" concern, and any acne suffer knows this.

I too have been in your position, as have millions of others. My self-esteem was totally shattered and my quality of life was greatly hindered. I said "was" not because I'm totally clear, but because I came to a strong realization that I would not allow acne to ruin by life.

You never indicated your age, but it sounds like you a may be in your early 20s? If so, these years are so precious and you should be out exploring the world, adventuring, learning, loving.

You said you have cystic acne? How many "spots" of these would you have at one time? A little more information would be helpful.

You never mentioned seeing a dermatologist, and if you haven't that would certainly be your first step. And if acne is very severe you may want to consider Accutane. I know there are risks and your treatment has to be monitored closely, but you don't want to have a face full of acne scars either, which will certainly happen to some degree unless you get this acne under control. I'm older, so there just wasn't much around for acne and as a result, I have the scars to prove it.

There is a wonderful website called "acne.org". Look on it, look at the suggested regime, compare your skin to others (but be realistic, we tend to be tougher on ourselves)..., and go see a derm. If you don't have the money... find it. Do whatever is necesary to access for options for clearing up your skin.

Good luck. And please email me if you need someone to talk with.
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I definitely feel for you. Acne is unbelieveable psychological and incredibly depressing. While my acne is not that bad anymore (used to be) my mom has the same problems and I've watched her go through a bit of it. While I don't have a ton of wisdom about it, I've found that proactiv plus oral meds has done well for me (but it sounds like u prob already tried it). my mom on the other hand uses a combo of dermatologist products for her pretty severe adult acne that has helped. just hang in there and keep trying products. everyone has a magical regime that will work but the trouble is finding it and giving each enough time to work (which is just as frustratng). good luck and don't let it get you down!!!!!!
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wht about lazer treatment? try that
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