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Staph infection

Several months ago i started to have a mild acne on my forehead, I did some exams and came out positive for staph aureus infection and staph epidermidis in two different labs. I took a treatment with antibiotics called ofloxacin 400 mg for ten days, my tests showed to be sensible to this drug. During the treatment the acne almost vanished but after i stopped it the situation was as bad as always. I don't know what to do next, to take another antibiotics treatment, i heard about vancomicin, or to try an autovaccine, can anyone give me an advice please. Thank you
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Acne is sometimes the product of a staph infection, but can also be the cause if open wounds created by broken pimples become infected with staph. One type of staph infection leading to acne is folliculitis, which creates clusters of acne on the skin. It is important to know and confirm whether your acne is due to staph in order to address the infection before it gets worse. Any infection caused by staphylococcus bacteria can be considered as a serious infection that can appear anywhere on the body. It should be treated as early as possible.
You will need topical and may be oral antibiotics. Antibiotics prescribed to treat staph infections include cephalosporins, nafcillin or related antibiotics, sulfa drugs or intravenous vancomycin.Consult a dermatologist. Early diagnosis and treatment will be helpful.
Best luck and regards!
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Thank you very much
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Hello there,  I have been dealing with staph in my groin area for over 2 years. A total of 5 infections so far. I came across a research where they recommend a dose of the probiotic called bacillus subtillis. I purchased it from amazon of United States since it wasn't available in Canada. I am hoping the infection stays down. you should give it a try as well to stop staph.
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