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Sudden Breakouts Resulting from Eating Meat?

   I'm a seventeen year old guy, and up until a couple months ago, I've been a pescetarian (I eat fish, eggs, and dairy products, but no chicken, beef, etc) for four years. I have never had any problems with acne at all. I'd get a pimple here or there, but nothing very serious. People even used to talk about how clear my skin was.
   However, around the time that I stopped being a pescetarian, I've been experiencing spontaneous breakouts on my cheeks (the left is more severe than the right). The breakouts are restricted to my cheeks only--my forehead, chin, and the rest of my face is relatively normal. Also, I've found that certain products I used on my skin before just add to the breakouts. As of now, just mild soap has kept the breakouts to a minimum. I've tried different moisturizers and facial washes, but none seem to work.
    In any event, I was wondering if eating meat was the cause of such breakouts. I can't really think of any other reason that may have caused it. Oh, and I don't eat particularly unhealthily--though I eat meat, it is never fried, and I stay away from red meats. Is turning back to pescetarianism (is that a word?), the only way of resolving this problem? I'm really hesitant to go back because it was quite the hassle with protein upkeep and all. If anyone could offer alternatives, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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Hi there!

Acne is usually associated with hormonal changes and meat is unlikely to be a possible cause. To keep your skin acne free it is advised to keep it clean and oil free at all times. Wash the face atleast 2-3 times a day with a mild soap and keep it adequately moisturized. For mild acne one could use ointments containing benzoyl peroxide/ clindamycin; while for severer ones it is best advised to consult a dermatologist.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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wow i actualy have the same problem, only left cheak! gets this deep pimples or smth, and i noticed too its appeared about time when i started to eat more meat, like every second or 3th day, cuz i thought i need to eat meat . and before all my life i used to eat grains , yogurts, and sortof anything but meat, except moms cutlets :)  i dont really think its acne, cuz my skin is rather dry, wich before it was quite normal.  there been a period of much acne and pimples when i used to drink lots of coffee too. but i stoped it and problem dispeared, but then i started eat lots of meat, and then i get this left cheek problem. and if i scrach it seems to only get lymph out, nothing else. sick. im going back to veggies and grains, and food with lotsof vitamin A, seems imporoves greatly!!!! cod  liver oil + plus try much red colour veggies, tomatos, carrots!!! my cheek seems to imporove and nivea visage 24 hour moisture cream, helps a lot! and the cheek pimple seems to disapear!!: O i cross fingers it wont come back!  pls tell me , how it is going for you , Nekozawa???
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6 years later and the same thing is currently happening to me I was a pescatarian for 4 months before I decided it was time to go back to eating meat. Two months into me eating meat and seems that my face can't catch a break and it's only on my cheeks but its worse on the left side as well!! If you found away to get your skin to better can you please let me know?
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