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Possible addison's - looking for advice

I have no sex drive, no appetite, and I never feel 'tired' per say, I sleep and eat because I should. In addition to this my ability to handle stress has rapidly declined in the past year or so, the mere sound of someone humming sends me into a corner hyperventilating. I am also finding it very difficult to concentrate, learn/comprehend things and retain knowledge, something that happened gradually over about a year or two. I don't know what to do about this, on a personal level I don't bear any of the hallmarks of depression, I socialize, I am technically happy with my life and where I am at, yet something isn't quite right. Any advice would be appreciated , in general I am wondering, if it sounds like I have addisons or perhaps some other endocrine anomaly? And if so how I might go about being tested for adrenal issues in general? Do you ask for a referral from your GP to see an endocrinologist? Is there a blood test that my GP could do to check my hormone levels? Any advice would be appreciated.
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Lack of socialization to me points to low growth hormone.

Nothing you said or any tests you said point to adrenals. Low sodium and high potassium would point to that. I would see your primary care doctor for tests.
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