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So I have been burning the candle at both ends, proverbially.  Taxing the adrenal glands and going from a lifestyle of much meditation and slow moving to being on the feet, moving rapidly, and expecting a lot of my body physically.  I have noticed real and apparent response to these changes in the way of fluid retention around my knees ankles hands in the morning and also in my face around my eyes.  I realize that there are some repairs going on internally that are asking for me to rest and I am diligently doing so, I never eat salt, I am incorporating some to help with natural retention of some water.  What ever else can I do in order to flush some of the fluid out of my system and feel 'normal' again.??  I know it's probably mostly rest, and recovery but what else is my body in need of.  I would like to try and provide it.  Thank you so much for your wise and knowledgable response to my query.  I am much obliged.

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If you had an adrenal problem, you would be craving salt. AI is a salt wasting disease. You would need salt or you would get sick.

Fluid retention means you need more fluids. Drink more.
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