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Help with lab#'s

I have had thyroid issues for 14 years, taking Synthroid daily, diagnosed with Hashimoto's at one point - symptoms have become much worse over the last year. Recently did an adrenal hormone saliva test and am now stuck waiting two weeks for the practitioner to go over the results with me. I am concerned that the numbers indicate possible Addison's Disease, but I do not have a frame of reference. Hoping someone else who is familiar with the tests can tell me whether I should perhaps schedule further appointments and tests with my PCP and not wait two weeks to hear that news.

Cortisol at 8am: 6.84; 12pm: 6.60; 4pm: 2.23; 8pm: 1.55; 12am: 1.79; 4am: 4.03
The sum total of cortisol is 23.04 - which I understand to be a rather low total.
My DHEA levels are also very low all day and then spike to the highest range at midnight

My Electrolyte panel shows abnormally low chloride and mildly low sodium. Potassium is middle range.

I have all the classic symptoms with the exception of darkening skin.

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.
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The lab slip itself should have the ranges on it. Every lab differs.

What you look for is a peak in the morning and then you should have a reduction in cortisol thru the day. Your rhythm is a little off, but still looks like it is higher in the morning than at night. Still, you have to do several sets of testing to know as one set is just not enough - testing is variable and lab error can happen.

Low chloride usually means you were fasting. Low sodium though can be indicative of a cortisol or renin/aldosterone issue so you have to see if there are other supporting tests.

Not everyone gets tan. If the source is pituitary, the tan does not occur as ACTH is low. If the source is primary, the pituitary goes bat out crazy trying to find the adrenals and puts out ACTH in high amounts trying to get the adrenals to listen - hence the tan.
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Thank you so much - it is really amazing of you to give so much advice and support to this community. I agree on the need for several sets of testing. Going to make some lifestyle and eating changes and re-test after a few months. I guess since my adrenals are showing at least a normal curve, even though on the low side, I know they are still working and haven't quit on me entirely. I keep reading that the adrenals should be "fixed" so to speak, before the thyroid can get back on track -
Again - thanks for your response - it made my day -
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I don't fallow that school of thought. If your thyroid is off, you better get that optimized no matter what.

I know a lot of people with adrenal issues and no thyroid and vice versa so thankfully not everyone has both. I have pituitary issues but my thyroid issues were rather separate (hashimoto's, nodules, goiter, enlarged, etc) so it can be a mess all on its own.
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