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How to dose Cortisol for an athlete/active person

So I am new to this whole "thing".  Please see my results below my MD diagnosed it as "adrenal insufficiency"

Baseline Draw- 19.7, Standard > 5

30 Minute Draw- 26.4, Standard >7 Above Baseline Result, JUST UNDER BY .3

60 Minute Draw- 27.7, Standard >18 Above Baseline Result, 10 UNDER THE BARE MINIMUM IT SHOULD HAVE RISEN!!!

So I have been an athlete my whole life I am now 38, male, 195 and very active.  I work out 4-5 days a week and shoot competitively on the weekends.

I just started cortisol replacement on Saturday.  My doctor wanted me taking 10 mg upon waking, then 5 and then 2.5 in 4 hour increments.  This felt great the 1st day, the next day was horrible.  It almost felt like low blood sugar all day.  No energy, shaky, could blow at anything, no patience.  Talked to my doctor and he said to up the dose.  I went to 15, 5, 2.5, this was the day I shot.  This is a super stressful,competitive/mental sport.  Felt o.k. in the morning, then after a few hours of shooting, I felt like I was in the twilight zone, shaky, spacy, weak, loopy, fatigued and so on.  

On to today which was a normal day I did 10, 10, 5, 2.5.  I have been super tired all day, super grumpy and short fused.  I worked out Monday & Tuesday, heavy strength work with a little cardio.

What gives I was feeling better, my 1st few days on cortisol, I felt energetic, outgoing, depression was all but gone, talked/smiled at everyone, and my appetite was back.  Now I feel like my old self, possibly worse, no energy, don't want to talk or even look at anyone, super grumpy, not hungery??
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Did he tell you about SALT?

Sweating creates a huge issues for us as we cannot manage sodium. You may also need to stress dose (I assume your doctor gave you extra meds and advised you how to dose of sick etc) before exercising, and learn how much, and drink only Gatorade or salty drinks (I use NUUN) to keep hydration without losing sodium, but you have to know if you are not spiking potassium (if so, no Gatorade, make your own drink).

Pickles, bouillon, salty food etc, and see if you feel better.
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