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Test results

I just got my test results today.

I had them done on the 16 of Dec the nigth before my doctor had me take a low dose of Dexamethason

Cortisol total .7  Am blood draw range 4.3 to 22.4

Folate serum  19.5

Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy Level   L 21

ACTH Level L 3
T4 Free 1.5
My doctor is away for a week and the nurse called me with these results.  She said adrenal function was very low??
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Yes - it does look that way.

Check out Dr Wilson's adrenal fatigue web site - you may find some very helpful tips to get that healed up.

I thought thyroid repair was slow - never did I think this adrenal stuff was even slower to fix than thyroid.

That doctor Wilson's information is a must read

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Your doctor was having you do a dexamethasone suppression test and that is usually testing for high cortisol, not low.

The range does not apply for the suppression test.

Non-suppression is considered to be above 3.5

Another factor is if the ACTH was handled correctly - was the tube an EDTA (lavender), chilled is best, and instead of being put into the bin, the tech put from the techs hot hand into the centrafuge where it can be frozen promptly as ACTH degrades really fast at room temp. So your low reading can have that as a factor as well - as that seems, well, too low. Doctors tend not to pick up on this. Why, no idea.

That was it for thyroid tests?
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Yes here doctor will not run additional thyroid panels.
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