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adrenal insufficient in the past told my adrenals are working now however.

I was diagnosed with a prolactinoma and along with it secondary hypogonadism, adrenal insufficient and some other things I cant remember.... I was put on cabergoline for the tumor which im still on now as when they take me of it grows and also hydrocortisone as my adrenals weren't functioning properly and after a few years on the hc was told my adrenals were working and was weened off it slowly.

Problem is I am constantly retaining water... despite my urine being very clear to slightly less clear both indicating im hydrated.

I've tried drinking more water, drinking much less, cutting back on sodium, low carbs... you name it the issue still keeps arising.

I get some water retention relief when I urinate but not much and it doesn't last it creeps back on within the hour... I've even tried to dehydrate myself with caffeine and it's caused me to urinate a lot yet the water remains and the urine is still very clear.

the only time I can shift it is with a lot of sweating through exercise... I remain lean and not carrying any water weight but it creeps up within an hour or two, and occasionally I will wake up lean and other days not.
also with the adrenal issue, I never craved salt when I was Adrenal insufficient just chocolate.

any ideas ?
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very similar to me. i make a concoction of celery and garlic in huge saucepan which last me a week. one mugful every morning with a little flavouring has me on loo most of day.
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