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Eyebrow/eyelash/leg hair loss

I've noticed that I've been losing eyebrow hair as well as eyelash hairs recently. It became apparent after the first couple of weeks of college. It might be due to poor diet. I used to pull on them several months ago but I stopped that habit long ago. I've also noticed that the hair on my upper leg is "breaking". I noticed that a lot my hair was "cut" or gone. I can see new hairs growing on my leg but I'm worried about whether or not I might have a health condition.
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Any updates on this one?

I have lost my eyebrows too - slowly over several years. Now, the right one is nearly gone and left one starting to disappear. They are thinning from the nose and outwards. I have been to several doctors and they all just say they have never seen anything like it, and that they dont think it is Alopecia or telogen, because I only loose eyebrow hair (none on the head+ not in spots, but diffuse). Doctors have checked all; vitamin levels, thyroid tests etc..all come back clear. I have been under MAJOR stress for several years (with almost constant heartbeat/ adrenaline rush + following fatigue. I wonder if this can be the reason for the hair loss? My other assumption is some autoimmune disorder. Doctors checked for it, autoimmune tests came back clear, except one of the "general autoimmunes»that came back positive, but my doctor said also many people without a autoimmune disorder got a positive result on that one. I take no medicine, otherwise healthy (except the fatigue and heartbeat/ adrenalin rushes), low on B12 and D-vitamin, but take supplements. Any experiences/ ideas what is wrong with me? Is this due to stress? Have any experienced regrowth after years of thinning brows? Should I try to get a further check for autoimmune disorder (graves, hashimotos??)?
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