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Eyelashes and Hair Falling Out

Please help me. I'm a 17 year old female. I have been losing handfuls of hair a day the last few months and, until recently, just blamed my stressful schedule. Today I lost an enormous amout of eyelashes buy just bumping them. Clumps and clumps began falling out. I lost more than normal and more then I ever have. They seemed fine this morning. I have not changed any eye makeup products recently and usually wash my makeup off before bed. I have been extremely tired and fatigued lately and have had horrible headaches the past week or so. It seems like I always have a runny nose or a sore throat and I just feel sick all the time. Please help me figure out what going on with my body right now. It's really starting to affect my life.
Here's a link to a picture of my eyelashes taken tonight:

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I am 37, in good health, and started losing handfuls of my long thick hair over the last couple weeks. My eyelashes are going too. My Dr. checked my thyroid, and it is normal, so she says it must be a vitamin deficiency. I do not have time, or the money to check every vitamin level. I am so stressed out I cannot sleep, and am going nuts, which just ads to it all! Anyone have any suggestion??
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I recommend that you go see your doctor immediately! Especially with the fatigue it sounds as if it is more than stress resulting in your severe hairloss. And in the event that you do lose all your hair there are plenty of women who have lost their hair due to alopecia and choose to wear wigs and even have permanent makeup done to cover this up.
Just remember whatever it is you're not alone

Best of Luck!!
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SquirreliciousAngel is absolutely right! You need to see the doctor immediately!

Like she said, you're not alone :)

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You should have a routine wellness exam every year at your age if you are having high risk factors. You may want to see an internal medicine specialist rather than a GP. It could be as simple as stress, hormone related (such as if you are taking birth control pills), or a serious medical condition. Read all of the information your pharmacy provides you for any prescriptions you are taking. It could be a side effect of one of the drugs. Don't forget to visit your doctor!
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get checked for lupus
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With hair loss and if you are in fact pudgy you really need to have your thyroid checked. Before you do research this and you will find very useful info from patients with thyroid. There are some very good sites. Many of the medical sites only give you the usual hog wash. Research this very very well as it causes a host of problems and good luck finding a doctor to treat. You may need to go to an alternative practitioner for correct treatment.
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Hello, I have a similar problem
I see You wrote about this a long time ago. Can You tell me please did you (and how) got rid of this problem? Thank you!
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I know this is an old question, but I'll comment in the hopes it helps someone. My eyelashes began falling out and no specialist could figure out why. I was finally given a blood ferritin test to check my iron storage levels (hemoglobin was normal) and my levels were at zero. So my diagnosis was iron deficiency anemia and my lashes grew back after taking iron pills.
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