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What is causing my rapid hair loss post PRP scalp injections?

Hello.  I relocated overseas for a few years, where the water is much worse than back home.  I noticed that my hair started to fall out more than it normally did (in fact it wasn't falling out at all back home when I was on one particular DHT blocker).  I could see the damage being done while overseas.  So I decided to check out PRP (platelet rich plasma).  First I went to the clinic where the clinician did PRP needling.  I didn't notice improvement and my hair continued to worsen.  Then I went back to the same clinic, same clinician and she did scalp injections, maybe poked me 40 to 50 times.  I stayed out of the sun that day and probably for the next few weeks, although I think she only told me it had to be that one day.  Three weeks later I have a day out and about and it was sunny, and then boom for every day since then (now about 8 months) my hair is just falling out like mad.  Back home on that DHT blocker I had zero hairs fall out, and before the blocker maybe 2 or 3.  Post PRP treatment, everyday maybe 50 hairs are falling out, maybe more than that.  Actually probably 30 to 50 per shower.  I feel sort of pulsing and almost pain under the skin at times, which I've never had before the PRP injections.  And just a weird feeling on the scalp, as well as itching.  

I don't know what to do, and this is depressing.  I've experienced about 6 years worth of hair loss in 1 year (and it's still falling out).  I can accept hair loss if it's gradual, over time, as I age.  Where you barely notice unless you look at a 10 year old photo.  But to age that much in such a short time, really changes your life.  It's changed mine.  I'm not that old, but I sure look a lot older than I did just a handful of months ago, let alone a couple years ago.

I have that little island at the front now, of hair, with a moat of baldness.  I never had that before.  It's ruined my front hairline (also have the balding spot in the back).  And the thing is, if it would just stop, maybe I can try to live with what I have left, do what I can, make the best of it, but it's still falling out at such a rapid pace, where I don't see some friends for a couple months, then see them, and they notice a change.  It's falling out way too fast.

If I could understand WHY, maybe I could try to figure out how to address it.  Why would PRP injections cause this?  

Thank you
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