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Help for dementia

My husband is 76 yrs. old. A year and a half ago the doctor said he had the first stages of dementia. It seems to be getting worse. He is taking Namenda. He also has a heart condition and a lung condition. He is on oxygen 24/7.
He is also a diabetic with kidneys not working properly. Will vitamin B1 help with his dementia.? or is there anything else he could take or do.?
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I re read you post and saw his kidney condition, unfortunately, Magnesium should not be given to kidney patients.
But maybe you could take it. :)
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sad to say but I think the B1 will not make much difference, what is his Drs saying , he has a lot of different problems going on so , hard to say one thing is going to help out.

there is no cure for this , my mom to took that med to help slow it down and they told us it only would help for about a year. there really is nothing you can do but love him the way he is and be there to make him feel secure.  he should eat good, and if he can walk , take a few short walks to keep the blood pumping  to the Brain. do puzzles , just try keep him busy.

God Bless you as you go threw this hard time.   Heart
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I tried to post earlier but it disappeared. I am still new here.
Just wanted to pass on the info : I saw on News Report They have found proof that Vit B complex could actually prevent Alzheimer's. It has to be
the B complex vits with same amount of B vits in the compound. Not just B1.
They also use Virgin coconut Oil .
Please search on Virgin coconut oil for Alzheimer's
Hope you get the help you need. wish you well.
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