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Anger with In Laws

I have a serious Anger issue with In Laws.  Through many years they have degraded me, put me down to the point, where I think have so much anger for them, and I am no longer as happy as I once was through the holidays.  I will see them Christmas eve, and I'm getting Ready.  Ready as in working out, exercising, pushing myself to the Max to relieve Stress and Anger I have for these people.  I just feel like they have created a monster in me.  I'm going to be monstrous, and this is what they created.  I usually do punches in the air thinking of these people, screaming... so pissed off.  Idk, I guess working out is a good form of therapy.  I just hope all of this anger for them subsides one day, I'm hoping and praying. WHat do you all think?
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Hi.  I'm just seeing this.  I'm wondering how things went?  I'm sorry they create such anger in you.  Now, here is my thoughts on people that harm us that we then have fury toward.  It give them more power over us.  Anger takes a tremendous amount of energy.  They don't deserve that energy.  While I'm glad you are doing productive things like working out to relieve stress---  I'd work on calming things too.  Deep breathing, mantras to help you make it through a family dinner.  I have had to let some pretty infuriating things go for MY own sake.  Good luck and please let me know how it went.
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