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Tongue Ulcer

Today, I was driving with my dogs and my children noticed that our Irish Wolfhound had these ulcers on the very tip of his tongue.  It's like a cluster of little white, water blisters about the size of 1/2 dime.It looks like a cold sore on his tongue.   He is also drooling more than normal.

These were not present earlier this week. He is eating, drinking and behaviorally appears normal.  He does not appear lethargic.  I can't think of any instances where he ate anything bad or got his tongue in anything.  I can't recall any significant changes to routine to induce stress.

Any idea what it is?  Do I need to seek out my vet or can this resolve on his own?  Should he be licking any of us?

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Good job for noticing problems.  Many pets don't show a problem in the mouth until it has been there a long long time.
This does suggest it has occurred recently, though.  It may be as simple as a burn, or may be more significant.
Please see your veterinarian as infection to the teeth and adjacent structures may also cause damage to that area.
Most things are not contagious, but that cannot be determined without your veterinarian trying to determine the origin.
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Thank you for your help.  I can't think of where a burn could have occurred so I will run him to the vet.

It was easy to notice though as he's such a licker and when he's tall enough that when you sit eye to eye with him, most of what you see is mouth and tongue!
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