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Pain in my jaw

My jaw has been acting up for years. there are days where it really hurts, and it actually locks and cracks when I open it. I was told it couild be TMJ and an orthadontist told me once, that my jaw was too small. Now I was just wondering what it could be. Not much takes away the pain tylonal only works for a couple hours and I've used joint cream which only works for a small amount of time. When it hurts, it creates large headaches that sometimes make me lightheaded. I was wondering if anyone would recomend anything to help it. Or if I should talk to my dentist or a TMJ sepcialist to see if they can surgically fix it, I was told all they can do is break it and hope it mends so that it fits properly. I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on what it could be and how I can ease the pain.
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I had that problem for a long time because of grinding and clenching my teeth in my sleep so my dentist made me a mouth guard to wear at night. It helped a lot and I wore it until my wisdom teeth shifted my other teeth and it did not fit anymore. If you have medical coverage I would suggest trying it, if not, try just buying a normal sports guard, it would essentially do the same thing.
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As Maggs87 mentioned a mouth guard is the usual first line of treatment.  I used one for a while but for me it did the reverse, I continually clenched on it.  I have had success with massage therapy but have had it almost disappear now that I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and take Lyrica.  It and the massages has been fantastic.
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I have had TMJ since diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in Oct of 09. My dentist made me a special guard for lower teeth I wear every night. It has helped me a great deal. Was expensive but worth every penny.
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