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Undiagnosed Neurological/Systemic Symptoms

Thoughts on the below symptoms I have been experiencing?  I've been in a major flare since early February:
central vertigo (constant), global muscle spasms/twitching/numbness/pins and needles all over body and face, global muscle stiffness and weakness (specifically neck - neck position increases vertigo), "crunching" feeling at base of neck/head when turning head,  global joint pain - joint popping when moving and occasional fiery feeling, pitting edema on both knees, heat sensitivity and rashes all over when hot, extreme fatigue, occasional ear popping/fullness/aching, freezing feet/hands, electric "jolts" when resting - jolts usually move head but are global as well - sometimes strong enough to move body significantly, unexplained bruising (usually patches on thighs), overall body heaviness, occasional chest tightness, bones feel achy, occasional bloating/abdominal pain.

So far I have had one positive ANA, one negative; one positive RF IgM, one negative; all other bloodwork normal.
MRI of head w/ and w/out contrast - Normal, MRI of Cervical and Back had various small things: small disc bulge, etc; Normal 96 hour EEG, EMG showed Carpal Tunnel in both hands.  Venous reflux in both legs.

Thoughts as to what this could be?  Thanks!
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