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What does Fibrocystic change in the greater tuberosity mean ?

AC Joint: There is mild AC joint arthrosis present.

Osseous Structures and Articular Surfaces: The glenohumeral
cartilage is normal. There is fibrocystic change in the greater
tuberosity. There is normal signal in the glenoid.

Rotator Cuff: The supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, and
teres minor are intact. There is no retraction or atrophy. No fluid
in the subacromial/subdeltoid bursa.

Labral-ligamentous Complex: The biceps anchor is intact. No
definite labral tear present.

Additional Findings: No mass lesion in the quadrilateral space or
suprascapular notch.

I   was in a  bad car wreck Feb 15th , luckly i didnt get hurt to bad, just banged up pretty good with alot of bruising , i really didnt have pain in my shoulder until 2-3 days later i started feeling a sharp stabbing pain in my collar bone,  i kinda ignored it and went about my business thinking ok its just from being banged up. I then went to work on a saturday and noticed that the pain started to get worse and noticed a buldge in between my collar bone and shoulder , i proceeded to put ice on it and just kept working, then i went into work sunday and still same thing but i started to feel very weak and ill . so i told them sorry i am unable to come back to work the next day and made a doctors apt .  he scheduled an MRI   i got it done and that was in march 9th  , he said they didnt see any tares or broken bones, but i do have Mild ac joint Arthosis , he sent me to an Orthopedic surg. and i have been doing physical therapy since then and he did give me some shot in the shoulder. the pain in my shoulder is a deep ache pain with a burning sensation in my upper arm, then i lift my arm or turn it it pops, clicks , cracks and crunches,  the pain stays mostly at a lvl 3 and some days can go to a 5 . If this ac joint is causing all this  my god i just want it to go away . I already have degeneration in my spine with herniated and bulgding discs in my lower back .  Mild  bone spurring in my middle back and neck . he wanted me to do 4 more weeks of therapy but so far its not helping the burning sentation seems to be getting worse I also feel like i have a tennis ball in my shoulder (scapula) area when i sit in my car or lean back in my chair . the areas are very tender to touch . I am taking diclophinac for the inflammation .  i am suspose to be going back to my DR. may 24th to possibley have him clean and scope  my shoulder to see what is causing all this !

also what does this mean ?  The glenohumeral
cartilage is normal. There is fibrocystic change in the greater
tuberosity. There is normal signal in the glenoid.

" There is fibrocystic change in the greater
tuberosity." ????

I am just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem with there ac joint doing that ?
bc i am to a point  lifting anything real heavy, sweeping and mopping my floors, drying  or combing my hair , mixing or stirring anything with that arm  ( left ) side .. just makes it worse !  ive heat  it iced it , but it gives a very short relief
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