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hip replacement

Looking into possible surgery down the line but I read there are lots of complications maybe to deal with as well as a long recuperation period. Can you share some words of wisdom and experiences?
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Sorry to read you have this coming up and I can tell you have trepidation.  We have had several people in my family go through this over the last 15 years.  Most came through like poster children.  My father-in-law had his over 10 years ago and participates in hip hop workout classes twice a week.  
Your attitude and approach to the therapy are key.  Embrace the therapy, accept the walker and cane as steps towards independence and keep progressing.  Celebrate each milestone.  Keep your spirits up.  
Re: pain management.  Use it, but be sure that if you are taking something like hydrocodone that you get stool softeners too.  That can be more miserable than the recovery!
Visit us as often as you want and drop a note for any reason at all, not just if you have questions.  We will be here for ya to cheer you on!  :)
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hi.Dee.just wanted to add with my years working in long term care those seniors were real troupers...very HIGH success rates with very few complications!
I too may need same in my future and as with all surgeries I really am a worrier but would welcome the long term pain relief especially with you not being able to take NASID's.
take care
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