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please help, hip pain. . .

for the past couple weeks, i have been having pain in my right hip. it is when i stand up from being in the car, and when i get out of bed or the couch. then when i put my hand on it and press it also hurts. what could this be? i am not sure what i did if i did anything. but i did fall 6 weeks ago down the stairs wich bruised my butt bone but i wouldve though that y hip would hurt before now. i really need some advice as what to do or what this could be. please someone help me. . .  
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Great advice from Babs.  Sometimes we hurt things we aren't aware of when we fall.  Or you may have compensated for the pain you had from the fall and caused the pain in your hip.  Maybe you will find it is bursitis and a simple shot of cortisone will fix things right up.  This is definitely worthy of being checked out by a doc.  Please let us know what you find out.
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Hey Jobean,

sorry it has been so long since you posted, I just read it today. 6/23/09. Have you seen a doctor about the pain? have you tried any cortisone creams for the inflamation? There really isn't much I can say without know a little bit more about what is going on. I wish there was somehting more i could say then, please go see a doctor, but that is what we are stuck with. Please let me know if the symptoms change or get better, Is there a history of any osteo problems in your family? any arthritis? You question is just too broad for me to be of really any help. PM or write back here if you have any more information. Otherwise I wish you the best and hope you feel better soon.

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