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too young

im only 20 yrs old. but for the past say, 3 yrs ive been suffering with stiffness and tenderness in my hands that sometimes makes it hard to pick things up as well as doing something simple as writing. to ease the pain i usually take pain relievers 4 the problem...is this an arthitis problem?
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What type of pain relievers are you taking?  Have you tried antimflamatories such as Motrin, and if so does it help?
I would check with your dr. as there are over 100 different types of arthritis.  Age does not always mean anything.  Your dr. can go over your symptoms and check your blood to see if there is any inflamatory process or autoimmune going on.
Good luck and hope that you feel better.
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So do let me fill you in on its fascinating history, and explain why it's such an important part of the Soothanol X2 formula. DMSO is short for dimethyl sulfoxide -- an organic, sulfur-rich substance found in the woody part of trees. It was first discovered by a Russian researcher back in 1866. But the real excitement started about 100 years later, when American scientists started uncovering some truly startling properties...

First, they found it's absorbed with incredible ease....

When you put a bit on the back of your hand, it just plain disappears. Then Dr. H. Harry Szmant, Chairman of the University of Detroit's chemistry department, observed that it can speed up important chemical reactions 'a billionfold.' (Yes, a billion times -- that's what he said!)

Next, people started noticing what happens after it's applied. Racehorse trainers began using it on lame animals, and reported amazing results.

Professional sports trainers tried it and loved it too. The New York Times, in a lead editorial published on April 3, 1965, declared that DMSO is 'the closest thing to a [health] wonder produced in the 1960s.' Interest reached a fever pitch in 1980, when...

The hugely popular TV show 60 Minutes
introduced 70 million TV viewers to

The reporter was Mike Wallace, who was (and is) famous for pulling no punches when he spots a fraud.

But Mike Wallace didn't trash DMSO. On the contrary, the people he interviewed gave very powerful personal testimonials. And the feedback from viewers was phenomenal.

One doctor's office reported up to 10,000 phone calls! But most shocking of all is what happened next.

Vested interests launched a ferocious campaign to discredit it, huge controversy erupted and...

DMSO all but disappeared from the
halls of American health care...

It went 'underground.' A few enlightened doctors continued to champion DMSO (see what one famed physician has to say about it below), and it became a word-of-mouth legend among well-informed insiders.

Racehorse trainers still swear by it. Professional sports trainers still use it to get their million-dollar stars up and running again. Competition cyclists are rumored to carry little bottles tucked away in their tire-patch kits.

Outside this inner circle, however, everyone else gradually forgot about DMSO...

UNTIL NOW! The big breakthrough
happened just recently...

...thanks to a brilliant health scientist named Jon Barron.

For years, Barron had been researching the 'holy grail' of pain relief. A formula that could erase virtually any kind of pain on contact. Without waiting for pills to work. Just by rubbing it on.

Together with fellow researcher Ron Manwarren, Barron had isolated 11 different cutting-edge botanical and organic compounds that all showed immense promise. They were so close! But they lacked the final piece of the puzzle. They needed the ultimate 'transporter' -- a compound that would blend all the others together and 'deliver' them to the pain site. They experimented with substance after substance...

Finally, they tried DMSO -- and eureka!
Success beyond their wildest dreams...

Just as Dr. Szmant at the University of Detroit had predicted nearly 40 years before... DMSO proved to be a near-perfect solvent and transporter. It transformed Barron's pain-relief formula into the powerhouse that we know today as Soothanol X2.
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