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16 and Pregnant ?

Im 16 of Years , On April 12 , 2014 I Had Unprotected Intercourse With My Boyfriend
On , April 13 , Like Every Month My Menstraul Cycle Was Suppose To Arrive , But I Didnt .
April 22 , I Started Spotting , Light Red With Whitish Discharge This Only Lasted 2 Days Then
Stopped . I Get LightHeaded A Lot And I'm Having Breast Tenderness ,  Ance , Back Aches And Bloating . If I'm Pregnant Im 3 Weeks And Two Days To Be Exact When Should I Take A Pregnancy Test So I Dont Get Any False Negetives , Please Please Please Comment Baack . I'm Young And Need Advice ASAP
Thanks . CarmelSuckle
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The best time to take a test is one week after the first day of your missed period. At this point, the pregnancy hormone hcg is usually elevated enough to be detected in your urine. Use the first urine of the morning, it is the most concentrated and potentially has the highest level of hormone.

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Wait until u miss a period.. If u miss it then take a test
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