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Aspergers and friends relationships help i feel bad

Hello people.

Well I have aspergers and I have recently been having alot of trouble with some things I met this Girl and some of her friends online, we played games together and talked in teamspeak and skype all the time, I got to know Her and them really well, she used to bring me into private teamspeak rooms to talk, She was like my best friend to me asked her how her day was  and said good morning ever day, Goodnight every night. Talked to her when she was upset, talked to her all the time and did everything together she was my best friend.

So one right I herd her flirting with someone it upset me so i messaged the guy that I liked her and to please not do that with her, but her just told her instead and everyone else. then the next day when ever I talked  or did anything she would just yell at me and say mean things to me this went on for a few days, Then I tryed to talk to her privately but she wouldnt say anything to me, then I aked why she couldnt still nothing, then i stated to get upset as to why my best friend cant talk to me I started messaging her alot asking why and why this is happening, still wouldn't talk, this went on for about 2 weeks.  I stoped for a bit and then one day I asked why she coulnt talk to me we where really good friends and that i missed talking to her, And she responded but it was more of a like how could you not know whats the matter? I said i dont know you never told me then she laughted at me and said isn't it obvious what happened you did it to your self! I said I didnt know what i did then she said I liked him! then I said I thought you liked me and she said as a friend I did then I, I said I thought you liked me more than a friend. Then it was just silent for a month or so and then my birthday was coming up i was aking her to do something with me and was apologizing but all i got was silence up to it and getting blocked on my birthday and everyone stopped talking to me I was friends with everyone aswell.
So I left for 2-3 months but still was trying to apologize for what ever i did i dont really know what i did was just doing that because thats what you do when people are upset. Though things would have changed people would forget things, I come back but no one will talk to me but two people and basicaly said that she just wanted me to drop things but I did I just had no one to tell it to everyone stoped talking, but know I feel really stupid and bad really bad thats what I did I pestered her and my friends a bit to much that they didnt want to be friends, I had a melt down over all of this I dont really remember ever having one before i was really up set and i still feel bad for doing that a month or so latter, I really dont think they know anything about aspergers at all I tryed to tell them I dont get socal things and emotions that well and I can get eccentric and buggy sometimes before but I really dont think they cared or wanted to know im  just the guy that couldnt let things got and didnt get it. I have been trying to appologize and explain to them a little bit about my aspergers but I still feel really bad about everything but its like they dont care about anything but her fellings i was really good friends with them all, and I found out that she no longer likes the other guy.

I Just miss my Friends alot and fell really bad about everything i get really depreast almost every night and I think it will never stop I miss her alot. I really dont know what to do at all... my mom and family/friends say to move on to forget about her and them but its really really hard I known them for a while. im good some days but then night comes and I have no one but all the thoughts in my head like right now, Writing and drawing helps but I always end up thinking about her and what i did and feel stupid and bad my that my head hurts.

I want my best friend back....
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When associating with women you have to know Briffault's law.
They do not feel love the same way you feel love. If they don't see you as a benefit to them then you have no value.

"The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place"

"Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association."

"Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit

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Hi Steven...I hope you're still here as I have a son I would very much like to introduce you to. Be has had very similar issues in the past and you both sound very much alike. Please respond if you are still around.
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Seems like you were just a bit too forward. Maybe, for future reference, you should wait a bit and then tell them directly rather than just telling the other guy to back off. In the girl's mind, this comes across as possessive (for lack  of a better word). In terms of getting over her, don't rush it. I'm an Aspie myself, and I know how tough it is to deal with such a sudden social transition, but usually the best thing is to just wait it out, and perhaps find other friends. Hope things turn around!
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it ***** so much been going through alot of depression I feel so bad all the time she was like my best friend and she cant say one word to me at all thats the part that hurts the most not her liking me more than a friend but the no talking part that what hurts the most she was like a best friend I really liked talking to her she was cool in my eye i liked her for her i understood that i was just a friend I was just talking to talk to my friend, miss the friendship so much dont think im gonna be me again. I didnt mean to be possessive I was just telling the guy how i felt towards her Im so far from that kind of person im ussaly the guy that trying to make laugh the funny guy the nice guy was just saying how i felt and was taken the wrong way and she want nothing to do with me someone i thought as a bestfriend my bestest hurts so much that she cant say anything at all,

I sent her a letter and some drawring last week telling her how I missed the friendship and her how i would like to fix things with her and how things where miscommunicated and asked if i could see her and hang out patch things up I really how I get something back a text anything if i dont idk what im gonna do how im gonna coop
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not doing good right now im never gonna be better be over her i got she didnt like me more but i miss our friendship so much why was i so bad to never talk to again that hurts me so much because we where so good of frriends
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Honey, I know it's hard to lose someone you consider a best friend, especially when you're an Aspie. I've been through that myself with two people and believe me, when I say you're better off without her. She's not being very nice at all, and you don't need that in your life. It'll be tough to let go, but you can do it. Find some new friends on social media, where it's easier for us Aspies to communicate and try to avoid those other people.
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