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Help with Tough Love

I am a mother of an 18 year old girl.  She was diagnosed at 2 yrs 10 mo with Auditory Processing Deficit.  Back then Asbergers was rarely given, and usually when it was, boys were the focus.  As years went on and her IEP developed, it was maily to get her through life academically and never socially.  If you are reading this you know that academics isn't usually what tortures these kids, but rather social issues, anger, frustration, overall ability to fit in.  I have activiely been seeking help for her since she's 11, because at that time is when I saw much more deep rooted problems.  She hits and would hurt me, and sometimes her sister.  I tried to get her to a psychiatrist but she will refuse to go.  Please don't give me the answer of just put her in the car and drive.  I've done that and almost killed us both because of her reaction.
My long-winded question is what and how do I get her there.  Is it truly just down to me waiting for her to attack me again, call the police, have them take her to the hospital and then get evaluated??  I live scared everyday thinking that is what is left for me to help her.  On top of this, I don't want my other children to see it, but I guess that's out of my control.  Help us please.
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I'm sorry I can't help you. I feel your pain. I wonder if your daughter might do best in a hospital for a while....perhaps a long while until some recovery/progress is made. You can't do this by yourself and your other kids are suffering with you.
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sounds like your problem is that you think you can help her with tough love

I have been in a mental hospital overnight before and can assure you she will NEVER trust you again if you put her in that hellhole.
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