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My 12 year old son was diagnosed with Bipolar NOS yesterday.  I don't believe that it is the right diagnosis.  With Autism in our family, I really believe that he is on the Autism Spectrum.  I believe that I have Asperger's syndrome and I think that mys son does too.  I see me in him.  Should I get a 2nd opinion?

Here is what I see in my son:

Austin does display some of the symptoms of Bipolar disorder such as the angry outbursts.  But, and I specifically told the doctor, he doesn't have any depression.  There aren't many time when my son is sad.  He's usually pretty content.  He doesn't have any sleep issues.  His sleep schedule is the same every night without waking up during the night.  His hyperactivity has always been the same since birth.  Yes, there are times when he is hyper and talks incessantly and loud.  But, he hardly ever cries or mopes around like he's depressed.  I know that depression in children can be shown outwardly as anger.  But, there are certain situations that trigger his angry episodes.

Ever since birth, he's had sensory issues that have not gone away.  Clothing bothers him.  He doesn't like tags, seams, scratchy clothing or sheets.  He prefers to wear sandals so he doesn't have to wear socks.  He has a stiff and clumsy gait.  He's always bumping into things even with his glasses on.  He has to slap his feet on the floor or ground to make sure he has his footing.  I used to tell him to stop stomping his feet.
"I'm not stomping," he would say.  Then, lifting his feet up, one at a time, he would slam them down on the floor and say, "this is stomping."  He quickly taught me the difference between his normal gait and stomping.

Most of the time he takes things literally.  And, he's very blunt when it comes to telling people how he feels about them or a certain subject.  That really annoys a lot of people.  He seems to be less empathetic to other peoples feelings than most children his age.  It doesn't seem like it's done in a mean way.  He just doesn't seem to understand the feelings of others; nor does he care to.

He's constantly scripting.  It doesn't matter what we are talking about, he always has some quote from a movie or TV show that works for the topic of discussion.  His interests are limited to Pokemon and Yu-Gi oh cards, video games, and science related items.  He doesn't socialize very well with others.  He has one friend that he will play with.  He likes to spend time with me because I'm the only one that understands him.  He loves to talk to adults and adults are amazed at how articulate he is.  He can look people in the eyes for a short period of time; especially people that he already knows.  However, he looks away quite often.

He is hypersensitive to some sounds.  Loud noises or unexpected noises give him such a start that he screams.  High pitched noises and multiple noises bother him a lot.  However, if he is intrigued by a show on the TV or video game he can usually tune out background noise.  When it comes to people talking he has a more difficult time hearing just one voice.

As for his tactile senses, he prefers a deep touch.  He doesn't like being tickled.  He says it hurts.  He loves to be surrounded by pillows and have a heavy blanket over him.  He asked me this morning if I could buy three heavy blankets for him so he could be comfortable.

And, what about his hand flapping?  He does this when he is excited, nervous or having trouble  speaking.  He tends to stammer and can't get the words out fast enough.  His hand will be flapping or he'll be jumping up and down or spinning.  Then there are times when he'll just stare off into space for a while with a blank look on his face.  He does that a lot when it's raining.  

Is it possible that he has Asperger's syndrome or PDD instead of Bipolar NOS?  I really don't want to medicate him if it's not going to be beneficial for him.  I am at a loss as what to do now.  I hope that you can help.

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I am in a similar situation except backwards. My son was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome with severe ADHD. We have Bipolar in my family and after taking a video on my son people finally started believing my description of his symptoms and we are now after 3 years going to test for Bipolar. After having the Asperger"s diagnosis for so long and reading about your son, I am no psychologist, I agree with you it does sound like Asperger's syndrome to a T. Keep your head up and get a second opinion! Good luck!
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I am ADHD and Bipolar1. A hallmark of bipolar disorder is incredible mood swings and these I had as a child but my first depression was at 15. I can relate to some of your sons symptoms but he doesnt fit with my experience as bipolar or ADHD. Write a list of his symptoms and bring it to the psychiatrist (2ond) opinion. Bipolar diagnosis is truly devestating and a mental illness that you battle for life despite meds.and I hope that is not the case with your son. You as the mother know more about your son and if you disagree with the diagnisis,say so.
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I also am bipolar,adhd,and my young son is Aspergers
I studied the biploar like crazy for me,and from what I understand it is pretty unusual for a child to be diagnosed,
You wrote my Asperger son's make up,except the arm flapping,he never did that
But I swear after cutting his tags for 9 years,he is rubbing off on me,I cut all of mine out too,lol
Good Luck
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Yeah wow, I am also fighting with the doctors they want to say my son has aspergers at the age of 5.  No one on either side of the family has this.  But my sister, and his farther have bipolar.  Do you think the docs listen, heck no.  It has been a battle just to get them to look at anything because of his age.  
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I agree with what's been said above. It's worth noting that there is currently some debate about what the minimum age for a diagnosis of bipolar 1 is. Many psychiatrists (and the DSM) prefer to hold off on the diagnosis until late adolescence/early adulthood, and many will not diagnose bipolar 1 or 2 in a young child. But others will.
Unfortunately there is no simple test for either disorder. It basically comes down to patient history and ruling out other possible causes. Seems worthwhile to get a second or even a third opinion, in particular with psychiatrists or neurologists who have a lot of experience with Asperger's or other ASDs.
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