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Aspergers syndrome

Can you tell me what this is and the symptoms.      also the difference between ordinary flu and colds and Swine flu
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Autism and Asperger’s Disorders are characterized by a similar set of characteristics, most notably deficits in social interaction skills, communication skills, and highly stereotyped behaviors (e.g., repetitive motor or vocal behaviors that don’t seem to serve any function) or interests (topics of conversation or activity are highly restricted or narrow).  The major difference among the disorders is in language development: in Asperger’s Disorder, there is no delay in early language development. In Autism, there is some delay in language acquisition.  Also, delays (in language or social development) must be noted to occur prior to age 3 for a diagnosis of Autism.

I am not a medical health professional, so I cannot address your question about the flu - you might find another forum on the MedHelp site that is more appropriate for that question.
good luck
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Thank you very much for the help

Trish Walsh
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I have been a mother to a child with Asperger's, or High Functioning Autism, for almost 12 years now. Dealing with the quirkinesses can be difficult but very enlightening at the same time. At an early age, my son Bryan, didn't talk very much, but was obviously very bright. He was doing complex puzzles and structures by the age of 3. While every parent wants to have a genius for a child, the price is almost too high. When he would work on his puzzles or structures, the rest of the world would simply disappear. At first I was worried that he was going deaf, because I would call him and he didn't even respond. Potty training was insane, it took forever! He would get into his "zone" and he would wet/potty himself, forget to eat, etc...the rest of the world just went away in his eyes. His temper tantrums were enormous and I tried to follow the doctor's suggestions, but found the only way to stop them was - you're going to laugh - but to hug him. He hated to be held, touched, kissed, unless it was on his terms. That alone was very difficult. The hardest part was when he was older. I would get calls regarding my son that didn't sound anything like him! "Are you sure you are talking about Bryan? Cute, quiet, never bothers anyone?" Finally, in Kindergarten a teacher suggested I have my son tested, and the "A" word came into my world. Since that diagnosis, I have fought the school, doctors, medical professionals in regards to my son and his well being. Autism is such a new disorder that everything is still up in the air, and as a mother of an autistic child it can be very upsetting. There are no definite answers for the millions of questions you have, which leaves you frustrated and struggling for help. You will get tons of suggestions, but no definites. We have gone through a battery of tests, psychologists, neuologists, and therapy sessions. He was given an IQ test earlier this year and was shown to have a 132 non-verbal, and an 82 verbal. Bryan doesn't have any friends, stems (flaps his hands, makes gunting noises, and bounces about when irritated, excited, or over stimulated) fairly consistantly, has a modified achidemic schedule, but is in a normal classroom. He just got his progress report card and is getting straight A's. He has gotten better about talking to people and engaging in eye-to-eye contact, but he is picked on a lot by the other kids. He rides the bus, goes to public school, loves dinosaurs and chickens, and wants to be a farmer when he grows up. His refuge is his home, his family. While it sounds like a very difficult world to live in, it really isn't. It's just different. Bryan has opened my eyes to so many new things around me, ways of looking at them, dealing with them, understanding them. His passion for Life is inspiring. His laugh still brings tears of joy to my eyes. Bryan is not like other 12 year olds....but that is okay.              
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Thank you so very much. I read you comments. If you change the name to Cody and the age to now 17 you described mylife with my wonderful son. I would not change a thing about our life now. He does open my eyes also, but in such a wonderful way I can not describe it. I am so gled to know that some one else has and can experance life in the special way I do now.
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