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Does delay of treatment delay reversal or cause permanent neuro symptoms

Can delaying treatment for auto-immune issues, increase the risk of permenent neuro symptoms?

Me - 47 female various diagnosis including SLE, Sjogren's, Grave's, GERD larynx, hypothyroidism, 5x5x4 thyroid nodule, dysphasia, angioedema, mouth dryness makes talking and swallowing difficult, long tract spinal issues, insomnia, and most recently some scary issues...

It started with short time memory, difficulty repeating and remembering numbers, immediate memory loss, hitting the wrong letters on the keyboard, while thinking out something, there is a nano second when I know the memory is going to dissolve.  Some fluctuated in degree of intensity oh and now a calcified mass in my right lower flank that is being repeated to see if there is a change in size.

Thank you for any suggesions or explanations

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I don't know about neuro symptoms but as I was told by my doctors when I was first diagnosed and was afraid to go on the meds they wanted to put me on due to the side effects, they did say that delaying could effect kidneys, heart, lungs, since these are the major organs that this disease effects, also joint damage.
I also have SLE,Sjogrens,RA,and GERD is one of the complication this disease causes. I also suffered with memory loss and brain fog but after getting on meds that has somewhat improved. I still have some difficulty at times. I sufferer with other stuff on and off and at varying degrees but the medication I'm on has helped. I am on Cellcept 2000 mg a day and I have noticed a that it has worked better than Plaquenil, Arava, Methotrexate did. How long have you been diagnosed and without meds?
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In cases like yours (multiple dx involving lupus, thyroid, CNS, etc) we have found almost all patients had chronic, systemic infections.  You need to look into this, especially Mycoplasma species and Chlamydia pn., infections that we often found in these complex cases.
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