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I have Hashimotos disease and have been so sick for 6 weeks now, I have gotten no relief and no sympathy via doctors and have been fluctuating horribly with my labs...TSH UP AND DOWN...T4 HIGH T4 normal now THAT MY t4 IS NORMAL MY t3 IS LOW BUT tsh IS GOOD. i AM SO TIRED BUT GET NO RELIEF! I have gotten to the point of suicidal thoughts ( I know I would never do and definitely not in my character ) but...so LOST! Finally went to a naturalpathic Dr, which started me on a T4-T3 natural med today. I was so anxious and was wondering if anyone else has ever done this as well as experienced this before? Lonely and scared is a horrible way to feel ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE SICK! Anyone out there?
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Sheila, I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos too (only 2.5 months ago) I understand your despair. The first month I was put on 75mcg Levoxyl was AWFUL HELL even though the endo Iiked the numbers. She wanted me to stay ON the dosage despite my insomnia, parethesis (pins & needles) etc. I had my primary care dr switch me to Armour. The T3 made a big difference.
What I have read recently is that Hashimotos is an auto-immune disease - the problem did not *begin* in our thryoid, but attacks our thryoid. It is not exactly the same as hypothyroidism although it is treated with the same drugs. I recommend a book called "Why Do I STILL Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal" It explains the reason why auto-immune thyroiditis (Hashis) is more difficult to treat and may require dietary changes and other supplements. I also have multiple thyroid nodules which fortunately after UGFNA (ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration) came back benign.
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Hello Shelia, you are not alone. I have Hashimoto's with Hypothyroidism with a goiter. I started off with my first TSH level was over 100. My thyroid does not function at all via Hashimoto's destroying it. I have went in four years from 75mcg of synthyroid to 150mcg with my labs never being consistant in 5 yrs. nor all my symptoms going away. Into doing alot of my own research about Hashimoto's I learned that synthroid on takes care of your T4 hormones, well what's helping my T3. Nothing was. My dr. started me on 25mcg of Cytomel in addition to my Synthryoid. I have been on it for about 4 1/2 weeks now and I think I'm feeling better! It's been so long I didn't know if I'd recognize it when I did, if I did. I'll go next week and have my TSH done. My dr. said he doesn't like to do T$/T3 tests because ever lab is different with the levels and they haven't proven accurate or stable enough to go by. It will be interesting to see what my levels are since being put on the synthryoid/cytomel.Sometimes, especially with Hashimoto's Disease we (my dr. and myself) have learned you have to treat nad go by your symptoms and how you feel not always relying to your bloodwork to be accurate. Every time my levels would come back different they would change my medicine dropping it just a mere 25mcg and within 4-5 days my symptoms would be full blown again. The kicker was after getting back on my higher dosage it would take a lot longer than 4-5 days for them to get back to where they were, which was still not normal. And I had every classic symptom of hypothyriodism plus a few extra ones and I am just now feeling better and seeing results. Hang In There and read, read, read and talk with your dr about what you want. No one knows your body better than you. Did I mention I'm 45 and premenapausal as well. FUN,FUN,FUN! But it could be worse so I'll just get by day by day and do the best I can knowing tomorrow could always be a better day!
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Hi Sheila,

I'm so sorry to hear about your symptoms.  Hashi's can be so horrible to deal with at times.  I had anxiety a lot when I was symptomatic, and it's not fun.  I have never heard of the natural meds, but hopefully it will be just what you need.  I almost wonder sometimes if it would be worth it to just have the thyroid removed then deal with getting the meds adjusted so I'm at the right levels, instead of dealing with the ups and downs of Hashi's.  I have been feeling ok lately so I haven't asked, but since you are feeling so horrible maybe you can ask your doctor his/her opinion on that??  Suicidal thoughts are nothing to mess around with.  If you have a doctor who isn't helping much, my suggestion would be to find another who will....quickly!  They need to get your levels under control and deal with the anxiety symptoms asap.

If you ever need to talk, add me as a friend and I will give you my email address.  Sometimes just talking with someone who knows somewhat what you are going through is enough to take the edge off.  Hang in there...there's hope.

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Thank You...I need all the help I can get : (
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Hi Sheila, I know how bad you feel with the Hashi but im not on the natural med, go into the group... thyroid Disorders, there are a heap of guys on it there..Dawn
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