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Bipolar - A Chemical Imbalance

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Bipolar -A Chemical Imbalance
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I assume that to be a question. I think by standards of ability to fit within the cultural norm, yes, I think it is an imbalance. These genetic codes that are not assimilated entirely into the decided prototype, are considered out of order. I think many of the Sadhu's, homeless holy men of India, are bipolar, not medicated. It seems that a standard of brain chemical activity has been set, based on ability to follow certain rules. Maybe bipolar is actually an ability, if given freedom can expand the horizons of intillectualization. Maybe our genetic evolution is the next link in evolution. Our minds can expand an link the many ideas together and see a bigger picture. Faith and physics seem to draw the bipolars attention, what higher pursuits are their?

Wasn't sure what to write on this, so that's what came to mind in that sec!
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